Embracing Woo-Woo in the Southwest

Embracing Woo-Woo in the Southwest

Hiya friends!

I continue to promise more frequent posts, yet the time between each continues to expand. That said, my April intentions are all about self care and allowing myself time to blossom this spring season, so I’m not beating myself up about it.

If that sounds a little woo-woo to you, blame it on the last couple months we spent in the Southwest!

After rolling out of Texas we made our way to Santa Fe, where we met up with Justin’s uncle and his lady-friend who traveled down from Colorado to hang with us. They are Santa Fe enthusiasts, so that combined with the fact that it was restaurant week made for an excellent first time visit for me! I even learned the true meaning of “Christmas” (two for one chili sauces aka red AND green). Dining highlights included but were not limited to: Maria’s (epic marg selection and fave green chili), La Choza (green chile clam chowder wut), Saigon Cafe (hit the spot pho) and Izanami (duh of course I will favorite the Japanese spot nestled up in the mountains - we did not make it to the attached hot springs resort Ten Thousand Waves though… next time).

In addition to all the tasty eats, I hit the jackpot on a beautiful Zuni turquoise bracelet from the 40’s at the Santa Fe Railyard Artisan Market. Also 100% not-to-be-missed spot is Meow Wolf!!! (I’m not linking that because its best left as a surprise.) Just go. You will love it. They are opening in several locales all over the country soon so keep an eye out.

Also also - I had my first Reiki session in Santa Fe with Alona at Roots of Wellbeing, because, anxiety. I was incredibly curious about and slightly skeptical of Reiki as a healing modality, but figured I may as well give it a shot. I am so thankful I did - the experience has had a great effect on my outlook on life, but I’ll save more of that for another time.

After Santa Fe we decided to head back south to Truth or Consequences, NM, aka T or C. We hadn’t originally planned on making a stop there, but after it was suggested to us by numerous friends on the road, we realized we couldn’t pass it up. The town was originally named “Hot Springs” - but in 1950 changed to Truth or Consequences after the game show of the same title. Cute. We stayed at Riverbend Hot Springs right on the Rio Grande and it was fire emoji. The main tubs are free to use with your stay and they also have private baths you can reserve that I highly recommend (at sunset/night!). 10/10 will definitely return. We day tripped to White Sands National Park and attempted to sled the dunes, but mostly just explored, and it was rad. Truth or Consequences Brewery had some unexpectedly delicious brews (+ tasty food truck out back!) and purchasing something from Dukatt 71 to join the Antler Club is a curious but worthwhile experience.

Next up was a quick stop in Tuscon Arizona - BUT FIRST - We had to pit stop at The Thing!!! I also feel this is better left as a surprise and thus am not linking, but if you are a fan of aliens and/or dinosaurs (orrrr the combination?!) definitely worth the stop. Once in Tuscon, Justin had work out in Orlando (for the Ninja Foodi! Get one!) for a couple days, so we needed to be near an airport. I didn’t do much while he was out besides some preemptive spring cleaning and chilling with Kewpie. No complaints! But also, not a lot to say about Tuscon.

“OMG Sedona is soooo maaagical” - quote from Justin making fun of me despite the fact that I’m fairly certain I’ve never used the work “magical” to describe anything. We did however decide to lean way into the woo woo while staying in Sedona. My crystal collection grew dramatically AND we each had our Aura photos taken thanks to Sedona Crystal Vortex (with aura readings that were pretty spot on too). We hiked at Bell Rock, which is said to be a Masculine Vortex area. Yes, I wore my new quartz necklace to get it energized up. The food scene in the touristy area of town left something to be desired, but thanks to a new project Justin has taken on (oooooh what could it be?!) we have had less good reason to go out and did not put a lot of effort into finding anything awesome. Our campground was across the highway from Cliff Castle Casino, where my new citrine necklace did help me double my money, but did not prevent me from using poor judgement and ultimately losing it all.

Our final stop on this leg of the journey was Zion National Park. I’m not sure if it technically is part of the Southwest, but the setting and feeling definitely fits. We met up with our good friend Erica (also from Colorado) and her dude-friend for some boondocking on state land (our first of the trip!) and exploring the park. We were originally going to try for a spot at one of the campgrounds inside of the park, but in retrospect were lucky that all the sites were full - our boondocking spot was by far the best view we’ve had on the road and much better than what would have been had in the park. Plus, free! That being said, the views from our hikes within Zion really were “magical”.

Bye for Now, Texas #NoWall

Bye for Now, Texas #NoWall